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360°?Core Protection

1) Against bullets and fragmentation

Comprehensive protection against small arms including .44mag,9mmUzi , and rifles including Kalashnikov machine gun (AK47), BKT machine gun,  M16/M14 machine gun, 12.7 heavy machine gun e.g.
The solution is based on metallic and non-metallic material, including steel plate, alumina ceramic, silicone carbide, boron carbide, aramid fiber, high-tenacity polyethylene fibre, and high-strength glass fibre, etc. for the upgrading of vehicles, ships and aircrafts.

2) Against mines and IED

The anti-mine and anti-IED technologies conform to Nato Stanag4569 and VPAM ERV2010 that able to protect against hand grenades type DM51/DM31, anti-tank mines, IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) and car bombs.
The multiple protection plans include the application of high-strength and high-ductility steel, metallic and nonmetallic composed material, and V-form chassis protective structure, combined with anti-fragmentation protective layer, explosion-proof floor, anti-explosion seats and other energy attenuation systems. The technologies will protect life securities against lateral explosion from 2-6 meters, shock wave, fragments and overpressure caused by explosion from 400mm-1000mm under chassis to the greatest extent.

3) Against mortar, howitzer, rockets and RPG

Offer protection upgrading against 60mm, 82mm and 120mm mortar rounds, 122mm howitzer rounds, 107mm rocket, RPG and other common attacks. The plan utilizes technologies including high-strength and high-ductility steel, metallic and nonmetallic composed material, 300Mpa high-strength concrete and anti-RPG protection fence, etc. It will provide an effective protection for vehicles, ships, buildings and bunkers in high-risk environment, reducing the security threat to human life to a large extent.

4) Against NBC

The Anti-NBC system is able to fill filtered clean air into the protected building to provide a strong pressure inside against the infusion of noxious gas. 
Meeting the military requirements for NBC protection, different sealing methods will be adopted to upgrade the main building, gates, pipe holes, air heaters, air conditioners, vents, etc. 

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