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What is an armored car?

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What is an armored car?

Bulletproof vehicles generally refer to bulletproof modifications made on the basis of civilian vehicles. The price can be dozens of times higher than the original car, whether it is standard or luxury.


ow mysterious is the bulletproof car modification?

Today, we went to Shanghai Star Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., the most professional bulletproof car modification company in China, to find out. Shanghai Star is currently the only manufacturer of advanced armored car manufacturing in China that meets the European EN1063 (B4-B7) standard.

In the past imagination, the modified bulletproof car is the kind of cool, the whole car is inaccessible, and the fire sea under the knife mountain. In fact, the real bulletproof cars were explored, only to know that their looks are usually heavy and restrained, and they are born as a moving golden bell for their masters to make a deadly attack in a dangerous moment.

The appearance pursues the original appearance of the original car. First, in order to ensure the concealment of the anti-ball car in the sea, and also to meet the management requirements of China's automobile regulations, the appearance, size, weight, power, braking, etc. of the car cannot be changed at will; To change the shape, engine, body structure, etc., you must apply to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for a car announcement, and issue a vehicle modification certificate within the allowable range. This requires that companies that must have nationally recognized modified vehicle qualifications can carry out protective modifications to vehicles, and Shanghai Star Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is a company with automotive modification qualifications.

Safeguarding the safety of passengers is the natural mission of bulletproof vehicles. It is not allowed to be false and fooled. Only after professional, strict and rigorous bulletproof modification, the bulletproof cars that do not leave the slightest protection are worthy of the reputation of “mobile fortress”. And an excellent performance-resistant bulletproof car, in addition to its own invisible diamond body, excellent driving ability, is another magic weapon to help its owner out of the dangerous battle scene.


Therefore, behind each complete bullet-proof car is a group of craftsmen who have been tempered for decades, skilled in craftsmanship, and made life as the highest technical standard. After 1500 hours, 300-400 parts were dismantled and assembled. .



Where is the bulletproof car modified?

The bulletproof car modification is not inlaid with bulletproof steel plates in the car, and it is as simple as replacing the windows with city bulletproof glass.

In addition to the glass changed into composite bulletproof glass, the vehicle door, roof, chassis, column and back door are embedded in a tailor-made whole piece of bulletproof material, so that the six sides of the carriage can be effectively protected like a fortress. The molecule leaves a trace of opportunity. The composite ballistic material is a study of bulletproof materials by Shanghai Star through years of use, using a reasonable scientific ratio, continuous experimentation and practice can be used, while the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced, and the characteristics of different materials are combined with each other. , to achieve better bulletproof effect than thick pure steel. If the whole vehicle is modified with bulletproof steel plates, the top protection will increase the weight of the vehicle by about 50% on the basis of the original car. The use of high-tech composite ballistic materials can reduce weight by up to 30% compared to bulletproof steel sheets. Of course, the cost is very high. Imagine if the body is full of embedded steel plates, its heavy weight will greatly affect the driving performance of the bulletproof car. Therefore, the vehicle can not escape easily. Whether it's a real bullet attack or a natural disaster, a solid bulletproof car is not a reason to make passengers a live target.

Which parts of the car are most likely to be anchored have always been the focus of terrorists. While ensuring the safety of the car, Shanghai Star also focuses on the protection of tires, fuel tanks, electric boxes, water tanks, exhaust pipes, instrument panels and so on.

When the car is moving, the tire is the most vulnerable to attack. Whether it is terrain, natural disaster or man-made, Shanghai Star believes that the tires must continue to run after being hit hard. They have a patented technology to install a continuation device in the tire. In the case of a tire being broken down, it is also possible to continue driving at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour or more at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. After the bullet-proof modified vehicle, the weight of the car will increase, so it is necessary to re-tune the key parts of the vehicle chassis, suspension system, throttle, brakes, etc., which is also required to have a professional vehicle modification practice for many years.

The fuel tank, electric box, water tank and instrument panel are all equipped with bullet-proof materials, which are much stronger than ordinary steel plates, and can prevent AK series rifle bullets from shooting at various angles.

The exhaust pipe is also protected by steel armor material. When the bulletproof car is mistaken into the minefield, the tire and the chassis are protected from disasters, and the exhaust pipe can also resist the explosion.

In addition, Shanghai Star has created a door emergency escape system on the instrument panel. The switch can be pressed when the door cannot be opened effectively. The door hinge blasting device is opened to quickly disengage the door so that the vehicle personnel can quickly escape from the car.

Not only that, the air filter device equipped with the Shanghai Star Armored Vehicle can effectively filter the toxic gas in the air, and the poisonous gas and dust outside the car can not cause the passengers in the car to receive a trace of damage.



What kind of attack can the armored car resist?

According to international standards, in addition to the NIJ body armor standard, the most commonly used standard for light weapons is the European EN1063 bulletproof standard. Take European EN1063 as a reference. At present, the highest bulletproof level of my national armored car is at the B6 level.


Shanghai Star is currently the only manufacturer of advanced armored car manufacturing in China that meets the European EN1063 (B4-B7) standard.


Every car that needs to be bulletproof can be purchased with equipment that needs bulletproof and customized exclusive services. The customization cycle often takes more than 6 months. It is best to communicate with the modification manufacturer beforehand to select the most suitable modification plan. Direct and effective communication can help the car owner to enjoy more perfect customized service. After the vehicle is delivered to the customer, Star Company will also carry out a driving training for the vehicle's drivers to make the vehicle more familiar with the performance of the vehicle.


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