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“360°” Core Protection Technologies for Armored Vehicles
We offer the upgrading plan for passenger vehicles and SUVs to protect the safety of drivers and passengers to the largest extent. The plan includes armored car body, anti-grenade roof, anti-personnel-mine chassis, bulletproof windows, bulletproof tires, anti-explosion system for gas tank, overlapped armored-doors, emergency escape system, fire extinguishing system, and emergency oxygen supply, etc.
Armored windows
use of multiple layers of compound glasses; the windows from drivers’ sides are able to lift 12cm

Anti-fragmentation liner
use non-metal compound material for protect from the damage of fragmentation

Armored body
use metal or non-metal compound material; able to resist against any attack from 9mm pistols and rifles as AK47, M16, M14

Armored roof
able to resist against the simultaneous explosion of two DM51 grenades

Toxic gas protection system
the system will automatically switch to its own oxygen supply when the external environment is polluted by toxic gas

Fire extinguishing system

Tire protection
when if the tires are shot, the vehicles will be able to remain driving at a speed of 50km/h for another 80km

Intensified columns and hinges

Emergency escape system
the passenger would be able to detonate the doors by the emergency button and safely escape from the vehicles

Armored chassis
able to resist against the simultaneous explosion of two DM51 grenades or one DM31 anti-personnel mine

Fuel tank protection

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