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Double Star (Shanghai) Co., Inc., founded in 1996, is a professional armored vehicle manufacturing enterprise with the largest scale and greatest influence in China integrated with investment, research & development, manufacturing, sales and services. It has been cited the “Production Enterprise in Automobile Announcement” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the “Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise”, the “A-Class High-integrity Enterprise”, and the “National Designated Armor Cash Carrier Manufacturing Enterprise”, and it has passed “ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification” and China Compulsory Certification.

In early 1996, Double Star introduced and promoted American safety protection technology and products in China, and it now has 4 armored vehicle production lines both at home and abroad after 20 years of development. Its main products cover over 50 types of 5 categories – armor passenger vehicle, armored cash carrier, military light armored car, protection upgrading technologies and armored equipment and components. It has delivered over 5,000 armored cars of various types and offers 24-hour service to national politicians, military leaders and social celebrities from China, South Asia, America, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions, to foreign embassies, international organizations and transnational enterprises, and to nearly 500 global users such as tactical combat troops, police patrol and security escort.

For a long time, Double Star has spared no efforts to invest in research and development and adhered to the latest international security technologies and consummate manufacturing techniques. Through technique research and development methods that combine industrial system integration and independent research and development, it has won over 30 national patents and over 100 key core technologies in the armoring field and always makes certain that it is at the cutting edge of the international armor market and technologies and is the technology and standard maker in the vehicle armoring and modifying industry in China.

In 2012, Double Star founded Shanghai North Bulletproof Technology Co., Ltd. (SNBT) under the joint venture with China North Industries Corp., the leading military industrial enterprise in China. SNBT has served as a platform for the dual-use technologies and business cooperation and offered professional armored vehicles and technical solutions to the global market. Currently, Double Star has an international product development, manufacturing and service team, and the design and development of each product has conformed to the domestic military and civil product standards and strictly targeted to the NIJ0108.01 (US), EN1063 (Europe), VPAM2009, STANAG2920/STANAG4569(NATO) standards. Each of its products has gone through thousands live-fire tests with zero penetration, demonstrating the superior armor vehicle brand – “DOUBLE STAR” originated from China.
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