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According to US media reports, since the assassination of former President Kennedy 50 years ago, the Secret Service responsible for protecting the head of state of the United States has revolutionized security practices. Now the US president is on a tour, and the protection around it is like a wall of iron and steel, plus strong firepower. Kill a small country.

The report said that when Kennedy sat in the convertible and the car slowly moved forward, making him a living target, it is simply unimaginable to look at the current level of presidential security.

Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. It was the biggest failure in the history of the Secret Service established in 1902. It was also the pain of the Bureau forever and the scars that still cannot be healed. Emmert, who served as a member of the Secret Service from 1983 to 2004, said: "At this time, the Secret Service is reminded that the SEC mission failed in 1963." Emmert said that now there are suggestions The president and vice president will be considered crazy when they are driving in a convertible.

President Obama’s current car is more like an armored car than a car. The car is called "The Beast" and can be used to prevent mortars and bullets. It is equipped with reinforced tires, respirators, and blood and communication interference devices of the President's blood type.

Kennedy's car was very slow and he could wave with the crowd. Security expert Robinson said that the current president's team is rushing through the city, never slow, the route is confidential, and will be emptied beforehand. The Secret Service is not allowed to open the window. Even so, the president can't get in touch with the people, but "the fewer opportunities, the better, without leaving any dangerous space for a minute."

The current presidential team is a big squad, organic cars, police cars, two presidential cars, trucks, ambulances, vehicles carrying the staff and accompanying reporters, more than 30 vehicles. The equipment that detects radiation, chemical, and toxic gas threats and blocks radio waves from remote-controlled bombs is not far from the president. Robinson said that an elite commando team following the presidential car "firepower is enough to capture a small country." People's Network News

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