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“360°” Core Protection Technologies for Military and Police Armored Vehicles

We offer a comprehensive protection plan for the car body, windows, roof, and chassis. The plan includes anti-fragmentation liner, heat-proof liner, explosion- attenuation system by anti-explosion chassis and anti-grenade seats, and special protection against infrared detection and visible light.

Anti-shock? anti-explosion upgrading system is an original protection system against incidental explosive devices, mines and other damages. It is developed by Double Stars’ material and engineering departments based on numerous simulation studies, simulation prototypes, and explosion tests on actual vehicles. It could effectively absorb energy from explosion, withstand explosion fragments, and reduce the harm to human organ and spine.

Stealth coating
able to protect from infrared detection and visible light

Armored windows
STANAG1 level, able to upgrade to level 2 or level 3

Anti-fragmentation liner

Armored car body
STANAG1 level, able to upgrade to level 2 or level 3; able to resist against the explosion from 2 meters to 4 meters

Anti-grenade seats

Bulletproof tires

Armored chassis
STANAG1 level, able to resist against grenades and anti-personnel explosives; available for additional Anti-Shock parts to upgrade to level 2 or level 3

Anti-explosion floor
able to mitigate and absorb the energy of explosives

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